Fact Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

SocialMedia18.com Fact-Checking Policy

At SocialMedia18.com, we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information to our users. Our fact-checking process involves thorough research and verification of the information we publish. However, in the dynamic nature of online content, errors may occur unintentionally.

*Our Fact-Checking Process:*

1. Verification: We verify information through credible sources to ensure accuracy.

2. Cross-Checking: Cross-referencing facts with multiple reliable sources helps maintain credibility.

3. Corrections: If errors are identified, we promptly correct and update the information.

User Contributions:

We encourage our users to report any inaccuracies they come across. If you believe there is an error in our content, please contact us at gaurav@socialmedia18.com with the subject line “Fact-Checking Request.”